Dogsledding and Snowmobiling tour

The concept is easy. You start the tour on a snowmobile and finish with the dogsled or vice versa. Share a snowmobile with a friend or sit in a sled behind our guide and travel into the area around Abisko National Park and beyond. This tip will take us further into the wilderness and higher up in the mountain areas, as we cruise through the frozen landscape.

Getting pulled by dogs, you have no worries, you will sit down and just feel the thrill of the speed, the silence and beautiful Arctic landscapes.

The guide will drive the sled, so you will feel free and enjoy the experience. While on the dogsled you can take pictures and videos.

There will be a small break, during the tour, where we let the dogs catch their breath, snowmobiles to cool down and you will also have a chance to pet the dogs and warm up. At this break we switch, persons on the dogsled switch to the snowmobile and persons on the snowmobile switch to the dogsled.

This tour will leave you with a taste of the north, memories that will last for a lifetime and the best part? – You have done 2 tours smashed into one!

For driving snowmobile, you need a valid driving license. If you dont have it, you can sit behind your friend or in a sled behind our guide.