Pick up service

We get you where you need to go!


Pick up at 8:45 and returns at 12:00
Pick up at 13:20 and returns at 16:30
Pick up at 19:15 and returns at 23:10


Pick up at 9:00 and returns at 11:50
Pick up at 13:35 and returns at 16:20
Pick up at 19:30 and returns at 23:10

Price for pick up is 300:-/person from Björkliden both directions and 150 :-/person from STF

We are located outside the reception to Abisko.net, 50 meters outside Abisko Mountain Lodge and about 500 meters from Abisko Guesthouse!

Morning and daytime transfers we handle by ourselves and evening transfers i s with Visit Abisko

You can book your transfer from Kiruna via Visit Abisko