Hike through Kärkevagge to Trollsjön

The hike goes through Kärkkevagge (Geargevàggi) which in Swedish has been translated to the stone valley. One would like to call it the land of fairy tales! The area could have been a recording site for the cinematography of Tilkien’s triology, lord of the rings. In Kärkevagge, great forces have created high rock walls and a sea of ​​large boulders during the recent ice age. Barren mountain terrain is surrounded by beautiful flower meadows closer to the yoke.

Trollsjön is known as Sweden’s clearest lake. The visibility is 34 !!! meter!!! When we arrive at the lake we eat our packed lunch, take a dipp or just chill. If anyone wants to explore the area further on their own then they ar most welcome to do so. At a certain time, we gather again and begin the hike back.

We start the hike around 10 am and are back at about 17. The hike is about 12 km long and about 400 altitude meters. Bring heavy shoes to walk in. Preferbly boots. Wind or rain jacket, lunch bag.

Price SEK 795 per person

What is included? Transfer Abisko – Låktaanhalten as well as an experienced guide.

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