The Ultimate Aurora Photo Adventure

Activities in Abisko are delighted to continue our enduring partnership with Lights Over Lapland to present The Ultimate Aurora Photo Adventure, a cherished experience that has captured the hearts of many.

Please note!

What if I’m not a photographer?

You do not need to be a photographer to enjoy this trip! We believe that the best keepsake for your time in Abisko is a picture of the aurora that you saw – not a postcard with a picture of an aurora that you did not see! The camera is simply a tool to help record all the fun that you will have during your tour. We are very confident that you will still have lots of fun even if you have never touched a camera before.

Where will we go?

Activities in Abisko and Lights Over Lapland own a combined total of 15 beautiful locations that we can visit during the tour. Our locations are spread out in a 200 km radius between the mountains near the border of Norway, the area in and around Abisko National Park and in the wilderness along the E10 Corridor. Most of our competitors have one or two locations and very few actually have the permit necessary to go in the National Park with guests. Our team of experienced professionals will have a meeting each and every day to make a plan for where we think you will have the best chance of seeing the northern lights. It is not uncommon for the other companies in the area to try and follow us because they trust our experience.